Cities In Tennessee That You Really Need To Visit

Cities In Tennessee That You Really Need To Visit

You have probably heard of many of the top cities in the state of Tennessee. It is a very unique state in its positioning. If you were to go north, you will hit Kentucky, and if you go south, you’re going to head Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and parts of South Carolina. The cities in the state are well known, especially to people that are aware of country music. For instance, Memphis is well known for its influence in this industry, and Nashville is where country stars are made. There are a few cities that you should see if you decide to visit. Here is where you should go.

Why You Should Visit Knoxville

When you get to Knoxville, you need to go to the theater, University, and the nature center. You can also bring the kids in visit the Zoo Knoxville which is a very popular attraction that both adults and children love. As far as parks, you can go to the World’s Fair Park, another popular attraction. From there, you should head on over to another city called Chattanooga, one that has been mentioned in songs of yesteryear.

Why You Should Go To Chattanooga

There is an aquarium that you can visit. There is also Look out Mountain. There is The Raccoon Mountain caverns as well. They also have haunted walking tours which are very popular, as well as different places to do ghost hunting. It’s a well-known city for people that like the supernatural. However, once you are done there, you might feel drawn to go back to either Nashville or Memphis, and it’s probably a better idea to head to Memphis first. You could even head over to St. Louis from there, but there are many little towns that you can see, and beautiful golf courses you can plan, on this western side of the state.

If you do get a chance, head on down to Memphis if you can. You can play golf at the Colonial Country Club. Lakeland is a place you can also visit, including Cordova, both smaller areas surrounding Memphis that have something to offer. This state is one of the best for people that like a lot of variety. It’s not just about country music. There is so much more in this state that people absolutely enjoy. You really need to take a trip over to this location.