Find All These Great Attractions When You Visit Chattanooga TN

Great Attractions

It would be neat to have a map of Tennessee and blindly place a pin somewhere on the map to pick your next travel destination. If the state of Tennessee doesn’t represent s likely vacation spot to you, then you just don’t know its cities and attractions yet. Let’s pick one of the cities in this state and go over some of the places in that city to visit and of course fun things to do.

Nashville is a great city, but everyone knows Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville. Let’s go with one of the popular cities but not necessarily the biggest name. It’s time to take a look at the attractions in Chattanooga, Tennessee. With attractions like Lookout Mountain and Raccoon Mountain Caverns, you know you’re going to be on some adventures.

Lookout Mountain can’t be mentioned without giving some details. Have you heard of Ruby Falls or Point Park? This place has ties to the Civil War, which isn’t surprising when you know that Tennessee had the most Civil War battlefields. The mountain is positioned on an absolutely gorgeous landscape, and it is majestic itself.

Ruby Falls itself is its own attraction in Chattanooga. What you get to experience there is a tour with an underground waterfall and a light show. Then there is Coolidge Park and Walnut Street Bridge. These are great sights to see, and you will want to visit other historical sights and natural wonders. However, let’s take a break with an attraction that is sure to be fun. Everyone is different so you’re going to be presented with three quick choices to have the kind of fun where you let loose.

There are four different room escape games that you cab choose from in Chattanooga according to the reviews. There is also the Chattanooga Zoo, and let’s throw another one out there for the kids specifically, the Creation Discovery Museum. In case you are wondering, there is supposed to be plenty of engaging and even hands-on activities for the kids to enjoy. It’s always good when museums focus on more modern tactile and mobile exhibits for children’s museums.

You need some more attractions in Chattanooga to visit. Let’s go with four more, and the first two are the Tennessee Riverpark and the Hunter Museum of Art. Then there is the Tennessee Valley Railroad and the Tennessee Aquarium. Have fun exploring Chattanooga and all the fun things to do there.